King’s Quest is coming back

I know many of you may have been young King’s Quest players— and if you were, you’ll be pleased to know that King’s Quest is getting a reboot.

Telltale games (who recently just reworked the Tales of Monkey Island and Back to the Future), just purchased the rights to rework King’s Quest.

According to Dan Connors— co-founder for Telltale:

“I would say our approach is going to be similar to Tales of Monkey Island. Let’s look at the whole thing, let’s figure out where they left the story, let’s find the most interesting places to go to and embellish upon, and let’s go there. With Tales, it was a wonderful thing to pick up Elaine and Guybrush’s relationship and LeChuck. I think we’ll do the same thing and see where all the players fit in and find a time and a place for them to do something new.”

Expect to hear more at E3 about this one!