The Old Republic: Region Free Gaming

Bioware has just announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic, the up and coming and FIRST MMO for Bioware, will actually be region free.

This means that countries that don’t get an early of a release date could potentially import the title from a country that has an earlier date.

Bioware doesn’t have any plans to block IPs from different countries or make it so you can’t play.

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BioWare Costume Contest!







Nazi Zombies Remastered

This is Moon.

Another Call of Duty mappack is coming out! Fully remastered mappacks of some of your favorite nazi zombie maps— Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese.

With that— you’ll get ONE new map pack: Moon. Yep— that guy above.

If you’ve already invested in the Hardened or Prestige versions of the mappacks… guess what? You get these for free! Even the special new map pack! And it’s theme! AND an enhanced sound track!

This will be hitting the xbox live marketplace on August 23rd!

Check out some of the screenshots here at our new site!!

How much will the Wii-U actually cost?

Satoru Iwata spoke with investors today with more information regarding the Wii-U…. however he noted that there still will not be a price point or a release date until 2012.

Apparently the significant price drop of the 3DS has really changed the way they will be pricing and marketing this up and coming console. Iwata feels personally accountable for the possible loss of trust that may have been experienced by 3DS early adopters (ahem… like myself who is stoked to get 20 free games).

“With regard to the influence on the Wii U, what we have to take most seriously is that the price markdown could damage the trust of the consumers who bought the Nintendo 3DS just after the launch,” said Iwata. “I feel greatly accountable for it. Our decision of the price markdown this time has a side effect that, at the launch of the Wii U, people may feel that the price might drop in the near future if they wait. What we will be able to do to recover the consumers’ trust before the launch of the Wii U is very important to us.”

Bioware Pulse Episode 25

Right now you can watch Mass Effect 3 level designer Kris Schoneberg take you behind the scenes and get an inside look at how the mass effect world is created.


You should be. Because Kris is actually an attractive GIRL.

Watch it here on Bioware TV!

Are you an HBO subscriber?

If you are— you’ll be getting access to HBO go, which allows the user to watch HBO on their cell phone, video game console, laptop or tablet!

So, will you be watching Game of Thrones on your iPhone?

I think I’ll be sticking to watching on my xbox…

Speaking of Game of Thrones.. watch this epic effects reel at our new website! I must say… it’s impressive how real CGI has become:

US Wont See PlayStation Vita This Year

  • 2012 will be the earliest that the United States and the United Kingdom will have an opportunity to get their hands on PlayStation’s newest handheld gadget— the Vita.
  • You can pretty much consider the rumor of it coming out on October 28th dead…

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Did you pre-order Star Wars: The Old Republic?

I did!

And if you decide to order it from Origin— be warned that they WILL put a hold on the entire cost of the game ($65 or so for the standard edition) but once the charge runs through your bank acount— only the $5.00 pre-sale cost will be deducted.

Then, on the day of release the rest of the cost will come out of your bank account and you will get your digital copy!

Order now to recieve some awesome pre-order bonuses AND get early access to the game!

Mass Effect Movie

It’s real, and at San Diego Comicon this weekend— you’ll be hearing about it.

Executive Producer of the Mass Effect franchise, Casey Hudson, will be hosting a panel on the Mass Effect film on the 22nd.

The film rights have been picked up by none other than Legendary Studios— who were responsible for the production of The Dark Knight and The Watchmen.

What will be revealed at Comicon? Chances are… not as much as you’re hoping. We speculate we’ll be seeing more into the concept art and perhaps who will be a screen writer or director— but I doubt we’ll be hearing any information about who will be cast in this film just yet.

You can find out who I WANT to see as Commander Shepard over here at our new site!

Who do YOU want to see as Commander Shepard?

Frost Lord Ahune


Frost Lord Ahune, a special boss for the Midsummer Fire Festival, is part of the Twilight Hammer’s plan to start an elemental war. He is under the service of Neptulon the Tidehunter.


Frost Lord Ahune’s battle actually takes place in an altered version of The Slave Pens— it is accessed through a special instance finder in the Dungeon Queue or through NPCs in major cities. 
When queued into the dungeon, you actually are queued near the second room— close to the Ice Stone which is used to summon Ahune. 


Phase 1:
- 2,000 melee damage to the tank.
Cold Slap which will do 1500 - 5000 damage to any melee players and will knock them back.
Ahune’s Shield causes damage to Ahune to reduce by 75%.

 Summons / Adds for Phase 1:
 - Ahunite Hailstone: attack at roughly 1,000 damage. Chilling Aura does 300 frost damage every 3 times— this will stack 10 times.
 - Ahunite Frostwind: 2,000 physical damage on cloth players— 800 for others. Wind Buffet pulls a random member to the add. Lightning Shield: deals nature damage
- Ahunite Coldwave: 2,000 physical damage on cloth players— 800 for others.

Focus on the adds— the adds need to be tanked—- especially the Ahunite Hailstones who cast Chilling Auraon everyone close by. Hopefully— your ranged allies will be far enough away to not be affected by Chilling Aura
While you’re ranged allies COULD attack Ahune at this time— it’s rather unnecessary as he is reduced to only taking 75% damage. Kill the adds and wait for phase 2.

Beware of Ice Spear which will visibly begin under the feet of the player— as it can launch a player (and sometimes just a little too close to Ahune).

Important note: Any users with pets / minions (Hunters, Death Knights, Warlocks) should keep them AWAY from Ahune at this time. They will die almost instantly. Your pets however will be necessary during Phase 2.

Phase 2:
 Ahune will suberge disabling his melee attacks and will expose his core for 30 seconds.
Ice Spear still occurs in Phase 2. Get out of the way when you see something coming under your feet.

Everyone, including the tank, should focus on DPS to Ahune. He isn’t very dangerous at this time— your only real threat becomes the Ice Spear and the icy patches that can cause you to fall.

If he is not killed during the first cycle of Phase 2, he will go back to Phase 1 however will spawn MORE adds than the first time. DPS MUST be attentive to this as it can wipe a team if there are too many.

Want to know what kind of Epic loot Ahune drops? Check us out on our new site to find out!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Pre Order Bonus!

Popular ideas run strong— the pre-order bonus for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be providing a tangible element to their bonus rather than additional gaming / digital content.

If you pre-order Skyrim, you will receive an actual map to help you explore the world giving you a way to sink even more into the game.

Want to see what it looks like? Click here to check out an image at our new website!

Black Ops: DLC

Ready for more Call of Duty Black Ops?

Check out the trailer for the newest Map Pack on the horizon: Annihilation over here at our new website!

Featuring 4 new multi-player maps and a new zombie map— this one should keep you occupied for a while!

So what is Pottermore?

Anticipation has been building since J.K. Rowling noted she had a “big announcement” six days ago. Titled “Pottermore”, she kept fans anxiously waiting by posting a countdown on her page that slowly started to gather owls eager to give the answer to the question we’ve all been asking..

What is Pottermore?

Today, J.K. Rowling announced that Pottermore will be a “unique online reading experience” built around the Harry Potter books which will allow users to define and experience the world of Harry Potter in it’s own way. J.K. Rowlings involvement will be providing inside information regarding the things she has hidden from us for years.

Registration will begin in October— and a select few will be able to register on Harry’s (and Jo’s!) Birthday in a beta test to help shape the experience.

Please see the announcement video here!


Honestly, we don’t know.

Rowling was quoted to say that Pottermore will give users the ability to experience “extensive new material about the characters, places and objects in the much-loved stories” it will be a place where “the storyline will be brought to life with sumptuous newly commissioned illustrations and interactive ‘Moments’ through which you can navigate.”

Starting with a trademark filing on July 21, 2009— it was obvious that Pottermore was going to be an online venture of some sort— the website was registered in most countries.

Pottermore was registered in the United Kingdom by Warner Brothers under patents: 09, 16, 28, 35, 38, 41.

Class 09:
Pre-recorded audio tapes, audio-video tapes, audio video cassettes, audio video discs, and digital versatile discs featuring comedy, drama, action and adventure; downloadable audio recordings featuring comedy, drama, action and adventure; downloadable audio-video recordings featuring comedy, drama, action and adventure; hand-held calculators; CD ROM computer game discs; interactive video game programs; interactive multimedia game programs; video game cartridges and cassettes; electronic diaries; mouse pads; computer programs, namely, software linking digitized video and audio media to a global computer information network; cellular telephone accessories, namely hands-free accessories, cellular telephone covers and cellular telephone face covers; encoded magnetic cards, namely, phone cards, credit cards, cash cards, debit cards and magnetic key cards; telephones ring tones for wireless phones; downloadable screensavers for computers.
Class 16:
Printed matter and paper goods, namely, books featuring action, adventure, and comedy, magazines featuring action, adventure and comedy, colouring books, children’s activity books; notebooks, diaries, note cards, stationery, writing paper, envelopes, greeting cards, pens, pencils and cases therefor, erasers, crayons, markers, coloured pencils, painting sets, chalk and chalkboards; posters; book covers, book marks, calendars.
Class 28:
Toys and sporting goods, including games and playthings, namely, action figures and accessories therefor; plush toys; balloons; ride-on toys; equipment sold as a unit for playing card games; toy vehicles; dolls; electronic hand-held game unit game equipment sold as a unit for playing a board game, a card game, a parlor game and an action type target game; stand alone video output game machines; jigsaw and manipulative puzzles; balls, namely, playground balls, soccer balls, basketballs; swimming floats for recreational use; toy bakeware and toy cookware; toy banks; toy snow globes; and Christmas tree ornaments.
Class 35:
On-line retail store services connected with pre-recorded audio books, electronic books, consumer goods, namely, books featuring action, adventure and comedy, magazines featuring action, adventure and comedy, colouring books, children’s activity books, notebooks, diaries, note cards, stationery, writing paper, envelopes, greeting cards, pens, pencils and cases therefor, erasers, crayons, markers, coloured pencils, painting sets, posters, book covers, book marks and calendars; advertising and promotion services and information services relating thereto; business information services; compilation of advertisements.
Class 38:
Providing multiple-user access to a global computer information network; providing online chat rooms and electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among users in the field of general interest; providing on-line communications links which transfer the web site user to other local and global web pages; providing on-line facilities for real-time interaction with other computer users concerning topics of general interest.
Class 41:
Entertainment services, namely, providing a web site featuring film clips, photographs and other multimedia materials; providing on-line computer games; providing computer games that may be accessed by a telecommunications network; educational services, namely, providing information that may be accessed by a telecommunications network relating specifically to children’s books, educational programs including reading and literacy programs, programs for the teaching of reading and literacy, materials and programs for the facilitation of reading and learning for individuals with learning disabilities and language and literacy difficulties; providing on-line publications in the nature of e-books; electronic publishing services, namely, publication of text and graphic works of others.

Love Pokémon? Love Street Fighter? What if I told you there was a game that combined the two. Is that something you might be interested in? It sure is something we are interested in! As reported by Bitmob, Pokémon Type: Wild is just that. Check out the video:

And be sure to check out Bitmob to see how to download it!